Global Game Jam 2015

Last weekend was spent with very little sleep, cramming the full production cycle of a game into 48 hours.

I met heaps of people and cobbled together an awesome team on the Friday night and we battled through sleep deprivation to submission on Sunday afternoon. Our game is titled "Chromony", it's a cryptic puzzle game in 3D and it's available here

Cricket Shipped, I got cake.

The leading SKUs for Don Bradman Cricket 2014 have finally hit stores.

It's always great to see and hear about real people enjoying the game. A fan of the game sent a cake to the studio which I thought was an awesome gesture. Usually the first thing you hear about at launch is all the bugs and problems people are having but not this time!

Owning Fools

We had a press event for the game last week and it was heaps of fun to go. I did a shaky on camera interview with Destructoid which was fun.

Click this amazing example of brand loyalty (the tattoo is on a SCEA employee) to see the rest of the gallery:

New seats for the 924

I've just finished installing brand spanking Sparco Sprint seats in the toofah. They are much harder to get in and out of than the previous seats but once you are in, you are very firmly in.