Next round of work

Woo heaps happening lately. The head is off to be cleaned, new valve stems and seals, valves lapped, intake porting and new studs. Pistons look good, plenty of burnt on oil thanks to the turbo seals and oil leaks etc but no signs of detonation or uneven wear so im happy:


Also ripped the interior out ready for it to be renewed. None of the heater or fan controls worked so thats all being fixed. I found $11 in change in the car total... what a bonus.

Back on the road



Car is running really nicely after a bunch of annoying issues with oil seals for the turbo supply. Then just wired up the ECU, new coolant temp guage and sensor, steel clamped the shifter cup to the torque tube, wired up a new fuel pump relay, did a bunch of stuff like that and now its back on the road!

Engine in car

Looking to turn it over in a few days.. just gotta put the exhaust and cooling systems back on, do some wiring for the ignition system, bleed the brakes and clutch and itll be a car again.


Headlights finito

Well massive props to because they refunded my money in full for the busted turbo. Which in any normal shop would be totally expected but the car industry is full of people looking to take you for a ride. Picking up ANOTHER turbo tomorrow.


Here are some more pics of the new headlights.

Fixed headlight conversion

Filling in time while im waiting for my turbo to be rebuilt, decided to finish off the fixed headlight job. Lenses which were formed from acrylic in the oven.


Go gadget smokescreen

F#cking hell I have converted my car into a crop duster.
Saturday arvo I took it out for the first drive in a few months. Coming out of the driveway I heard the new turbo spool up... it wasnt pretty

Up and running

Woohoo! Idled and ran smoothly @ 2am last night.


Took a fair bit of cranking to realise a few things

* Coil pack needs 12v not GND despite the wiring diagram
* Firing order is 1342 so coil pinout is 1423 in a wasted spark setup
* Fuel pump relay or wiring is buggered (had to jumper the relay)

We have boost

Turbo and manifold is back on the engine, everything cemented, re-gasketed and torqued up ready to roll.


Also replaced alot of lines and rubber elbows around the intake.

New turbo acquired

Just bought a brand new KKK26 from, checkit out:


Major progress - motor out!

Woot! Engine is out and work has begun. Shortlist of work thats happening while the donk is out:

* Replace turbo
* Repair and clean engine bay
* Rebuild wastegate
* Reco wastegate pipe
* replace boost control
* Reco exhaust manifold
* New clutch friction plate
* New mid exhaust