Real "Guitar Hero" controller.

Got a mates wedding coming up, and he and his missus love guitar hero 2 so I decided to build them a present. Its a chinese strat copy guitar that will be modified to contain the buttons and circuit boards of the out-of-the-box guitar hero controller.

Gutted the controller and donor guitar, removed the jack and widened the hole for the rubber cable grommet:

Cut away material to make space for the main board:

Modified the scratch plate to accommodate the strum bar:

Main board and strum bar mounted:

With scratch plate and pickup cover back in:

Whammy bar is pretty much done. Would've liked to use the actual floating bridge mechanism but there isn't enough rotation to move the pot to its required limits. I'm sure you could get it to work with some gears etc but this project has a deadline.

Removed the required frets and marked the button positions for cutting:

Cut the first fret button hole, removed the truss rod and created the cavity for the button circuit board:

Finished cutting the fret button holes and refretted inbetween to make it look as natural as possible. Had to rework the return-to-centre on the whammy bar and routed some wiring through from the neck to the body. I'm also really pleased with the switched I got for the start and select, you can see that the original knobs fit on top perfectly. On with the pics:


On March 17th, 2010 Sophie Benjamin (not verified) says:

Holy shit that is cool.


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