Doing the Doohicky

In order to get the KLR 650 up to a bullet-proof, simpson desert crossing (hah!) level of reliability, one of the things that has to be changed out is the balncer shafter tensioner lever. Understandably, folks call it the doohicky. Here is the process for doing your doohicky:

Mine is the red 04 KLR, the green one is an 08.

Plastics, tank and shifter removed:

Engine cover removed on the starter side. I've never worked on a bike before so I found things like the alternator being concentric to the crank interesting:

The doohicky is the triangular piece at the bottom of the picture with the bolt with the oring sticking out. It locates a shaft which pivots eccentrically to set tension on that bottom sprocket, the chain of which goes up to the balancer shaft. If you look closely you can see there is nothing covering the top half of that shaft which is a bit odd because...

My doohicky had already broken! I'm hoping the broken piece has vacated the engine due to a previous oil change but my luck is that it is sitting in an oil gallery waiting to come free at an opportune time.

Behind the doohickey is this tension spring which has also been upgraded.

This is the upgraded doohicky in place. Job done.


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