Pulling or Pushing?

So I was making some brackets for the new seats in the 924 and decided to experiment with my gas MIG welding technique a little. I usually start the weld away from me and pull the weld pool towards myself as you can see the puddle easier. This first picture is the pulling weld.

I have read that you get better welds by pushing, that is starting closest to you and pushing the puddle along. It seemed to produce a flatter, wider joint but was harder to see and control. I might push where possible from now on.

On January 25th, 2009 welder (not verified) says:

all welds that are pulled have no penetration. you are penetrating the weld bead and not the parent metal. when you push the weld bead is left alone and penetrates into the the parent metal. that is why your weld is flatter as the weld isnt sitting on top, it is inside the parent material

That makes alot of sense,
On January 27th, 2009 charles says:

That makes alot of sense, thanks heaps for the tip!

Sorry but I can’t agree
On March 9th, 2009 Anonymous (not verified) says:

Sorry but I can’t agree with that advice.
I've been welding Arc & Mig for many years. My opinion is that it's ‘horses for courses’.
Pulling can give you a better finish if you have the right experience, but for the inexperienced, it can be harder to see the area about to be welded.
Arc welding can only be done effectively when pulled, and penetration with Arc has never been a problem for me.
With the Mig, I find that pulling (i.e. welding left to right with the handle slightly leaning towards the right), weaving from side to side very lightly gives a much more consistent and attractive weld.
As far as penetration is concerned, either way you are supposed to be welding the unwelded part of the steel, with some overlap with the previous Weld, If you are having penetration problems, then increase the amps a little.


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