How much do you bench?

The workshop needed a new bench so I started with 2 doors and some galvanised 50x50x3mm RHS.

Which was then welded up into a frame that would allow 60mm overhang for the doors

Foxy Brown critiquing the build process:

The plan with the workshop is to keep the floorspace as clear as possible which means storage underneath for tool cases and larger parts. I recycled some old shelves to make these racks

Which were then attached to the frame, 3mm flatbar supports yet to be added:

Fully welded and inverted to it's regular orientation, the legs chopped and castors tacked on:

Doors attached with bolts sunk down into the hollow section of doors so the work surface will be perfectly flat:

Load ratings. They are important. My 50kg rated castors after the bench fell off a strut a few meters onto the ground. Replaced with 150kg rated solid core wheels with the retaining bolts welded into the legs.

I had a 2mm Zinc worksurface bent up which adds about 40kg to the total weight. She's now quite a heavy piece of kit. The beauty of the Zinc is that weld spatter will not stick as readily and you can run a sanding disc over the surface to restore it. I thought about stainless for a while but weld spatter will stick to it like shit on a blanket.

All done! I've had many smaller benches lining the walls previously which just adds to the clutter. This new bench can be wheeled around between the bays closest to whatever job is at hand. This will probably be the last time there is nothing on top of it!

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