Porsche 956 in the flesh

Went and had a look at a Porsche 956 being race prepped by Wayne Park auto @ Milton. I spoke to the mechanic who was dismantling the gearbox and he mentioned that it was stuck in 3rd. Amazing engineering, great to see it with all the cowling off.

Check out the pilots, none other than the "Ringmaster" Hans Stuck and Ukyo Katayama, who drove for Tyrrell. I don't know anything about Schuppan.

Intake and exhaust

Got the exhaust and most of the intake sorted on the car this (long) weekend. Looks like another day of hard work to get it all done. Making the flanges and pipe angles took the longest time, you can see some of them half done in the photo below. I'll clean them up and paint all the pipe before it goes on the car.

Dump pipe:

911 brake rebuild

Just about finished the brake rebuild on the 911. Of particular difficulty to acquire were the channel seals that go in between the caliper halves.

Jumpworks GUI backdrop

Anyone who played Stunts wil recognise the opponent screen background. On the left is the original artwork, on the right is my rendition for the game.


New seats for the 924

I've just finished installing brand spanking Sparco Sprint seats in the toofah. They are much harder to get in and out of than the previous seats but once you are in, you are very firmly in.

911 ECU mounts

Progress on the 911 has been slow but constant. The biggest piece of work this weekend was mounting the ECUs up in the passenger compartment.

Here is a picture of the engine bay stripped of its rats-nest wiring loom. Note the 3.0L intake installed for its TPS compatable throttle body.

The aforementioned rats nest:

To date we have:

Pulling or Pushing?

So I was making some brackets for the new seats in the 924 and decided to experiment with my gas MIG welding technique a little. I usually start the weld away from me and pull the weld pool towards myself as you can see the puddle easier. This first picture is the pulling weld.

I have read that you get better welds by pushing, that is starting closest to you and pushing the puddle along. It seemed to produce a flatter, wider joint but was harder to see and control. I might push where possible from now on.

Real "Guitar Hero" controller.

Got a mates wedding coming up, and he and his missus love guitar hero 2 so I decided to build them a present. Its a chinese strat copy guitar that will be modified to contain the buttons and circuit boards of the out-of-the-box guitar hero controller.

Gutted the controller and donor guitar, removed the jack and widened the hole for the rubber cable grommet:

Cut away material to make space for the main board:

Turbo manifold progress

Turbo manifold is complete. Heres a shot of the ports smoothed out with a die grinder

Full range floorstanders

I built a few sets of home theatre speakers. The first set were an experiment and they turned out so good that I just kept going. They are about 150cm high with two 8" drivers, a silk dome tweeter and a 6" mid separated internally with a baffle.

I made a circle jig for a cheap Ozito router. Two passes are required to cut a rebate so the drivers sit flush.