Point Cook Airshow

Snapped some pictures of some warbirds at Point Cook. Click for gallery,

Was great to see everything from Boomerangs, Spitfires and Mustangs to an F/A18 Growler in the air.

Road Trip Finale! New York City.

Road Trip 7 - Philly & Brooklyn

Five thousand miles of driving has put us to rest in Brooklyn, New York. On the way we checked out the city of brotherly love and cradle of cheesesteak.

Road Trip 6 - Virginia & DC

Had the last camp of the trip in Virginia at the Natural Bridge then went to check out Uncle Barry's house.

Road Trip 5 - Memphis & Nashville

Our journey through the middle is almost over but not before a horse ride and a visit to the heart of soul music - Stax records.

Road Trip 4 - New Orleans

NOLA has been the hardest city to leave so far. Such a unique combination of music, food and history. WHO DAT!

Road Trip 3 - Caverns and Deserts

Covered some amazing national parks in the last few days. I'm Batman.

Road Trip 2 - Vegas and Grand Canyon

Las Vegas treated us well, we came out with an even balance with no thanks to "Koala Mint". Needless to say I found some cars including an XJ220 and an unraced Porsche 924 GTR.

Camping in the Grand Canyon national park was a spectacular respite from the Vegas crowds.

Road Trip 1 - Yosemite Valley

Had an amazing time camping and hiking in and around Yosemite National Park. No bears spotted sadly.

Met a legend

I went to a John Scofield Band show last night as part of SF Jazz fest and was lucky enough to meet John and have my axe re-signed. Pretty special moment: