Back on the road

Well I've sorted out the noise in the tach signal and started the arduous (but fun) process of tuning. It's all running super rich but I'm slowly bringing the cruise and low power sections of the map into line. Here is a pic after a wash and polish:



I finished building the MegaSquirt ECU last night. I went with a V2.2 board for MS1. The other box its connected to is the MS relay board which is a great convenience. I chose to use a relay board instead of the stimulator to test and that worked fine. The assembly was very well organized and the board tested fine at the end so I can't wait to get it in the car and turn the key.

Here it is in its finished state:

Intake and exhaust

Got the exhaust and most of the intake sorted on the car this (long) weekend. Looks like another day of hard work to get it all done. Making the flanges and pipe angles took the longest time, you can see some of them half done in the photo below. I'll clean them up and paint all the pipe before it goes on the car.

Dump pipe:

Turbo manifold progress

Turbo manifold is complete. Heres a shot of the ports smoothed out with a die grinder

Fuel rail round 1

I built this fuel rail according to the Simple Digital Systems guide. The rail is governed by a SARD rising rate regulator that you can see mounted to the firewall in the last pic.

Garrett manifold experiments

Exhaust manifold is coming along after much experimenting with toilet rolls:

The MORE POWER disease

Ok so the next big round of work for the car is to delete the CIS fuel injection and replace it with a modern EFI system. I will be installing a MegaSquirt DIY engine control unit to gain full control over the fuelling curve. Why would you want to do that? To add more boost of course! Replacing the KKK turbo is a Garrett GT28R ballbearing unit. Which means I'll need to fabricate a new manifold, oil lines, exhaust and intake plumbing. Whew.

Progress on the road to new turbo

Making good progress lately. The current plan of "engine out, new turbo, engine in" has changed to "engine out, everything else out, clean everything, replace everything, paint some stuff, improve some things, put everything back together.


Cleaned up the head, put in a new oil squirter elbow, reset the valve clearances, put on a new camshaft gasket and installed a new water pump.

Centre console

One of the problems with the car is there is nowhere conveniant to put your wallet or mobile when driving. The standard centre console is made of plastic and had started to crack and show its age so I decided to build a new one. Out of aluminium.

The final product with the new carpet and doors :D

Interior work round 1

Started fixing up the interior, the door cards were the first to go: