924 from project to past-time

It may come as a great surprise to see the 924 race car project move into the twilight of all project cars: doing what it was intended.

That's right, it's now a functional racecar shaving down seconds of laptime at QR, Lakeside and Morgan park.

Donk out

Nothing like sitting down on a stool and servicing an engine that's on the stand

Reinforced the house bearers with 6mm steel plate so I could lift the motor:

Hooked up the chain hoist and the donk came free pretty easily:

Because Racecar

Started fitment of the factor Porsche 924 Carerra GTS kit. Another step on the road to getting my car on a racetrack, click for gallery.

924 Update

In lieu of being able to work on my stupid car I made a video of it instead.

Rebuilt driveshafts

Rebuilt the rear CVs and driveshafts after getting sick of looking at worn boots every time I got under the gearbox. I got some tricky Stage 8 locking bolts for them as they have a nasty habit of coming loose under vibration.

Torn down, rust converted, prime and painted with chassis black:

Rebuild kits:

Car schwag

Got my pipes back from being being ceramic coated at Competition Coatings and they look awesome. New clutch gear arrived as well so it should be a big weekend.

Rear suspension rebuild

What started as a "I'll fix that rust spot on the right rear trailing arm while the suspension is dropped" turned into a complete pull apart and rebuild with the upgrade of some bilstein HDs.

Progress pics after the jump.

After some hours of wire wheeling

After degreasing

Throwout bearing failure

So I finally got around to pulling the 924 apart to check out the condition of the throwout bearing. Turns out it totally failed after throwing all it's grease out into the bellhousing. My theory is that the clearance between the throwout and clutch release levers was eliminated as the friction plate wore in so the bearing was spinning in concert with the pressure plate 100% of the time.

Although apparantly they should be able to do that. So it's back to the drawing board.

SBC heater flange plate

I made this part for the left hand coolant channel on a GM SBC that has the heater return right under the left hand water pump flange. I'm using block adapters for an electric water pump so there was no off the shelf solution. Really happy with how this turned out - I think modelling the part and working from that model really helped.

Fed Up!

The intricacies of extracting power from the stock audi donk have finally got the better of me and I'm moving in an entirely different direction. What follows is part one of converting the car to old school muscle car power: small block chev.

Starting with a final few tear-filled shots of the EFIed garrett setup that so much time was spent on:

Now the exhaust, intake and cooling systems are ripped off: