The first and last time I'll be in a fashion magazine

June edition of MAP magazine. It's a magazine about people who buy a porsche then spend all their time working on it instead of driving it.

Porsche 956 in the flesh

Went and had a look at a Porsche 956 being race prepped by Wayne Park auto @ Milton. I spoke to the mechanic who was dismantling the gearbox and he mentioned that it was stuck in 3rd. Amazing engineering, great to see it with all the cowling off.

Check out the pilots, none other than the "Ringmaster" Hans Stuck and Ukyo Katayama, who drove for Tyrrell. I don't know anything about Schuppan.

Pulling or Pushing?

So I was making some brackets for the new seats in the 924 and decided to experiment with my gas MIG welding technique a little. I usually start the weld away from me and pull the weld pool towards myself as you can see the puddle easier. This first picture is the pulling weld.

I have read that you get better welds by pushing, that is starting closest to you and pushing the puddle along. It seemed to produce a flatter, wider joint but was harder to see and control. I might push where possible from now on.