SF Auto Show

I checked out the local auto show on the weekend which by US standards was pretty lax but still fun nonetheless. Most people were there to see cars like the Nissan Leaf, and there were a few electric racecars and consumer electric cars like the Volt. It's interesting to see the silent shift towards electric motoring which has happened over the last few years.
Gallery is here

Curry in front of the TV

I have a nice big couch for the apartment now so its officially open season for visitors to stay over.

Tomorrow I will be steam cleaning the couch - its a great couch in good condition but it does smell a little like curry. Thanks craigslist. Thraigslist.

They Might Be Giants footy

I've just uploaded the Alphabet of Nations from the free TMBG show I caught last Sunday.

I gotta new apartment bay-bee

Woot! So I'm in my new apartment, there is a fireplace and the only furniture I have is a mattress which is lucky cos you need one of those to sleep on. But yea/nah its great , the address is Stockton and Bay for google maps creepers and I'll have some better pics up real soon.

A wild mustang appears

It's not mine yet but I think I may have found a car over here. 2007 Mustang, V8 GT Premium with 33k miles. Should do the trick. Tell me what you think using the shoutbox at the bottom of the page.

New Life, New Blog

So I'm pretty much done rebuilding my blog for the trip to come. Stay tuned as it will be bustling with SF news in about three days!

Goodbye THQ Studio and Oz

Well my employer THQ Studio Oz has shutdown and I'm planning to head off overseas. Where to? Maybe Montreal, San Fransisco, Austin, the UK... WHO KNOWS?

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