Shop Organiser

Picked up some really cheap parts storage bins a few weeks ago then knocked this organiser up from scrap:

Started out with some 1mm zinc sheet and 50x25mm tube scrap.

Cursive Es

I've been trying out a tip I read online recently to trace little cursive E's when pulling a weld puddle - works pretty well for MIG.

Off road device design progress

I mirrored the off road device design for the first time... looks like TOO much triangulation. Will have to work out how much the bare frame is going to weigh next. It *looks* safe.

Off road device

So I'm pretty keen to build a racecar (probably an R1 powered locost) but before I jump in the deep end I thought I'd take on something smaller to test my fabrication skills. I've started by doing some modelling on computer - this amazing racecar building site gave me the idea and motivation. Already the design in my head has changed from a side-by-side arrangement to having the motor and axle mounted on the rear suspension subframe.