Car heaven

Last weekend I caught the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, the highlights for me were seeing a 917K in the flesh and experiencing the 8 litre 66-74 CanAm cars. Click pic for gallery.

Australia = fishing, drag racing.

When did I become such a bogan? Went fishing and to the drags in the last couple of weeks.

It's Disneyland

Had a great time at the cult of Disneyland last week, click the photo to see some big kids and a small one.'

For Your Wine Country

I spent the weekend eating cheese, drinking wine and taking some amazing driving roads in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County. Click above to see the annotated gallery.


I snapped a few pics from the whirlwind LA trip. The Pacific Coast Highway is AMAZING driving. Especially when you blast Motorhead and play tag with a Camaro most of the way.

"Hey square eyes, get some dank nuggets"

So I spent the weekend in and out of the Haight where I saw a They Might Be Giants show at Amoeba, went to two parties and ate soul food. It was great and I was offered drugs like 20 times which is what the title of this entry is about. I took some pics on the way.

SF Day one

So as of an hour ago, I've been in San Fran for 24 hours and it's been pretty much non stop enjoyment.

Taipei Layover

I've had an awesome day in Taipei today, started a bit too scurvy for my liking with my arrival at 5:30am local time. I caught the High Speed Rail from Taoyuan to Taipei main station and headed out to find some grub, the worlds second largest building, the museum of contemporary art and a MOS burger (the buns are made of glued together rice).