Sonoma Historics

I was in revhead heaven this weekend with the Sonoma Historic Motorsport Festival at Infineon. Despite being one of the most impressive displays of high performance vintage metal, it also awoke my dormant desire to be involved in motorsport. The beast is coming over. Not soon but it's happening.

911 brake rebuild

Just about finished the brake rebuild on the 911. Of particular difficulty to acquire were the channel seals that go in between the caliper halves.

911 ECU mounts

Progress on the 911 has been slow but constant. The biggest piece of work this weekend was mounting the ECUs up in the passenger compartment.

Here is a picture of the engine bay stripped of its rats-nest wiring loom. Note the 3.0L intake installed for its TPS compatable throttle body.

The aforementioned rats nest:

To date we have:

What a"bargain"

Dad spotted a cheap 1973 911E on the net. Only problem was the car was located in Hervey Bay - about 4 hours drive from Brisbane. Fate had it that he had to go to Hervey Bay for business so we both went and checked the car out. It had been sitting for about 10 years and the wiring was in somewhat of a mess.