Sonoma Historics

I was in revhead heaven this weekend with the Sonoma Historic Motorsport Festival at Infineon. Despite being one of the most impressive displays of high performance vintage metal, it also awoke my dormant desire to be involved in motorsport. The beast is coming over. Not soon but it's happening.

Owning Fools

We had a press event for the game last week and it was heaps of fun to go. I did a shaky on camera interview with Destructoid which was fun.

Click this amazing example of brand loyalty (the tattoo is on a SCEA employee) to see the rest of the gallery:

For Your Wine Country

I spent the weekend eating cheese, drinking wine and taking some amazing driving roads in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County. Click above to see the annotated gallery.

Me, me at GDC

Between all the partying I managed to attend a bunch of talks GDC. The conference was heaps of fun, I didn't get any free tablets despite trying to blag a blackberry playbook and people looked very stupid playing Johan Sebasatian Joust which got talked about alot. Here is the rest of my wrapup:

Fallout Postmortem – Timothy Cain

Worked on a Delorean

I got around to servicing the Muzza last weekend and what should be parked in a the back of a nearby garage? A genuine DMC that I got to lay my hands on. By lay my hands I mean drill out snapped studs so really not that glamorous. Another guy brought along his 1973 3.0 CS:


I snapped a few pics from the whirlwind LA trip. The Pacific Coast Highway is AMAZING driving. Especially when you blast Motorhead and play tag with a Camaro most of the way.


Got some semi decent pics of the new beast, its a 2007 GT birdshit magnet model. Seriously, 5 seconds after I wash it there is crap on it. I should hit 40k miles on the odometer with a hangover coming back from Santa Monica on the weekend.

Praise be to Steve

I've got around to doing some decoration in the apartment recently. Here is my homage to Steve McQueen done with Rasterbator:

Ice skating and epic stache

I went to the Christmas ice rink at Union square last weekend for a very American movie like experience and check out the guy with the huge mustache.