Road Trip 2 - Vegas and Grand Canyon

Las Vegas treated us well, we came out with an even balance with no thanks to "Koala Mint". Needless to say I found some cars including an XJ220 and an unraced Porsche 924 GTR.

Camping in the Grand Canyon national park was a spectacular respite from the Vegas crowds.

Road Trip 1 - Yosemite Valley

Had an amazing time camping and hiking in and around Yosemite National Park. No bears spotted sadly.

Met a legend

I went to a John Scofield Band show last night as part of SF Jazz fest and was lucky enough to meet John and have my axe re-signed. Pretty special moment:

Car heaven

Last weekend I caught the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, the highlights for me were seeing a 917K in the flesh and experiencing the 8 litre 66-74 CanAm cars. Click pic for gallery.

Australia = fishing, drag racing.

When did I become such a bogan? Went fishing and to the drags in the last couple of weeks.

Because Racecar

Started fitment of the factor Porsche 924 Carerra GTS kit. Another step on the road to getting my car on a racetrack, click for gallery.

It's Disneyland

Had a great time at the cult of Disneyland last week, click the photo to see some big kids and a small one.'

924 Update

In lieu of being able to work on my stupid car I made a video of it instead.


There has been a distinct lack of extra curricular activities in my life recently thanks to 80 hour weeks bugfixing. Hopefully that can start to change!

Back from the Future

I just got back from attending my first E3 convention. Heaps of people at work told me that it wasn't all that exciting but for a first timer it was like Disneyland. Check out the gallery: