Brake upgrade for the 924

Time for a complete overhaul of the 924 braking system.

The brake lines in the rear are little tiny things that fit up near the torsion bar. Hard line then runs to the rear calipers so its a little different from the setup at the front. Next the calipers were stripped and pistons pulled out of the cylinders. Here you can see the condition of the old seals and bores and also the fluid that came out of them. Yuck!

Caliper frames were wire brushed and painted red. The special red paint attracts positive ions which are transfered to the rotors and decrease rotational friction so you get an extra 20hp on the dyno.

A before and after shot of the cylinders and pistons.

New Zimmerman rotors came back from the machinists who did the slotting at this point and were installed. Home made tool from a 35mm socket welded to a big heavy piece of scrap steel was used to remove the castelated axle nuts. 5 hits with the hammer and off they came.

Calipers going back together with new seal kits and red rubber grease to keep them moving. All bearings were re packed with fresh clay based high temp grease.

Rears were installed first, then the fronts.

Overall the result is very positive. Pedal feel has increased substantially, there is no dead point in the travel of the pedal, nor is there a point where the brakes go from "just touching" to "locking up". Its a very smooth, linear feeling. Still getting used to it. Managed to get it all done in time for my turbo oil seals to give up the ghost on the second lap of the track day @ willowbank 28/05/05. Heres the resulting pic of some other 924 guys doing that "urgh glad that wasnt me" look.

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