I bought a car.

My goal with this 1979 Porsche 924 Turbo is to make a car that is good fun at the track and is also usable for the odd run to the shops. Sounds easy but here is the rough task list:

*Purchase car (completed)
*Service and tune in stock form (completed)
*Upgrade braking system to deal with track abuse (completed)
*Recondition turbo and replace cold side with a more durable unit (done, failed, trying again)
*Replace mechanical ignition control with an electronic unit (completed)
*Upgrade shocks to Koni adjustables
*Replace mechanical fuel metering and delivery with MAF, a fuel rail and Megasquirt EFI computer (partially complete)
*Replace existing intercooler with a FM. Will have to remove and rework radiator and bonnet tie downs to fit in, lots of fabricating and plumbing.
*Hood struts! (completed)
*Fix rust in battery tray (completed)
*Replace mid muffler with a resonator and possibly exhaust cut out valve (completed).
*Carrera GT bodywork as a finishing touch and to fit wider wheels (headlights done)

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