Junk in the trunk

I was pretty happy with the last set of speakers I built for my sister and her husband but I made some last minute changes to the drivers I usually use. This resulted in much smoother mids and highs but I felt there was a hole in the low end probably around 350Hz. The solution: a 200W active sub with a nice big 10" poly cone driver!

Here is how the plan started:

Clamping, gluing and screwing followed:

I finished the box with the same stain and lacquer that I usually use on MDF. If you use a big thick brush it imparts a woodgrain look and two coats gives plenty of shine.

I had to take the lid off to load the box. There is a blue signal LED that goes to the centre of the front panel.

Some gold legs and felt pads for its bum and its finished! All thats left to do is break the driver in!

The plate amp I used has plenty of controls so you can attenuate the level. No phase flip though! Fingers crossed the phase is right for the setup it ends up in, theres a 50/50 chance after all.

Extremely happy with the result. I ended up stuffing the box with acoustic foam to dampen some of the higher frequencies that were being reproduced. In terms of low end reproduction though? Baby got back!


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