911 brake rebuild

Just about finished the brake rebuild on the 911. Of particular difficulty to acquire were the channel seals that go in between the caliper halves.

Back in the early 70's double spot calipers worked by having a piston on each side of the brake disc. In this design, fluid is transmitted between the two pistons through small channels that are sealed with o rings (which are hard to get in 2007 :). Around 1973 ATE, Volvo and a few of the other brake manufacturers changed the design of double spot brakes to eliminate the cross piston channels by using a small tube.

They also shifted the material to aluminium as the brakes were stronger internally thanks to the lack of interior hollow tubes. The 911E Carrera got aluminium double spots of this design instead of the "iron-claws" seen above. Single spot calipers moved to a sliding caliper frame design where all the pistons sit on the outside of the disc and float on the caliper to centre the disc - this is probably the most popular design for modern euro single and multi spot calipers.

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