What a"bargain"

Dad spotted a cheap 1973 911E on the net. Only problem was the car was located in Hervey Bay - about 4 hours drive from Brisbane. Fate had it that he had to go to Hervey Bay for business so we both went and checked the car out. It had been sitting for about 10 years and the wiring was in somewhat of a mess.

I liked the car because it was a real engine-in-the-wrong-spot, oil cooled beast and also that it had updated bodywork including wide guards, and a whale tale - all done properly in steel. It was also half way through a fuel injection conversion which I thought would be a good way to make it reliable.

What I didnt like about it was that the interior had been removed in favour of orange checker plate and red bucket seats. And the fact that the wiring was in dire need of attention. Dad and I chatted about it and agreed if the PO could get the car to run then it would be worthwhile.

It started and idled with a minimum of effort for a car that had been sitting on flat tyres for ten years so that was impressive. Even more impressive was the sound of the 2.3L flat six breathing straight out the headers. Oh yes!

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