Progress on the road to new turbo

Making good progress lately. The current plan of "engine out, new turbo, engine in" has changed to "engine out, everything else out, clean everything, replace everything, paint some stuff, improve some things, put everything back together.


Cleaned up the head, put in a new oil squirter elbow, reset the valve clearances, put on a new camshaft gasket and installed a new water pump.

Stripped the engine bay of its melted rubber coating and killed all the rust that was under there and gave it a repaint.

Cut out the rust in the battery tray.

Refinished the water pump pulley, spacer and clutch master and brake booster.

Built the MegaJolt ingnition controller and starting mucking around with all the electronic ignition bits and pieces

In the second pic you can see the Megjolt box (top), inertia switch (left), crank trigger wheel (mid bottom), VR sensor for the trigger wheel (pointing at it), EDIS module and coil pack (bottom right). Once this is all hooked, i I will be able to hook up a laptop and draw out the ignition advance curve over MAP for different profiles and gears. Can't wait!

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