Nick and I have made an update to the game we are making. This time, Nick did some JavaScript, edited collision for the level and designed an enemy, click to play!

Donk out

Nothing like sitting down on a stool and servicing an engine that's on the stand

Reinforced the house bearers with 6mm steel plate so I could lift the motor:

Hooked up the chain hoist and the donk came free pretty easily:

Workshop open for business

I'm a happy little boy because the dream of the last 5 years is reality - workshop with a car in it.

Click the picture for a full gallery of shop renovations.

Shop Organiser

Picked up some really cheap parts storage bins a few weeks ago then knocked this organiser up from scrap:

Started out with some 1mm zinc sheet and 50x25mm tube scrap.

Nick and Charles make a game part 1

My 7-year old nephew Nick and I had our first game making session last week and we've started on THE LOST MONSTER.

All artwork and design by Nick, I'm helping out with some programming until he gets the hang of it. Click the picture to play! Controls are keyboard arrow keys.

How much do you bench?

The workshop needed a new bench so I started with 2 doors and some galvanised 50x50x3mm RHS.

Which was then welded up into a frame that would allow 60mm overhang for the doors

Foxy Brown critiquing the build process:

Jaguar Club 60th @ Lakeside

Got the big V12 out on the most dangerous track in Australia for a blast of regularity on the weekend.

Practice lap times: 1:56, 1:49, 1:43, 1:39, 1:36
Nominated time: 1:30
Best lap: 1:28

Ebisu Drift Grand Prix 2015

One of the highlights of last year's Japan trip was seeing the country's national motorsport live in Ebisu, Fukushima.

Definitely a spectacle worth seeing, plenty of hype, music, dancing and most of all character. The drivers and their rivalries were played up which made it all the more engaging, almost like the WWE of motosport.

Global Game Jam 2015

Last weekend was spent with very little sleep, cramming the full production cycle of a game into 48 hours.

I met heaps of people and cobbled together an awesome team on the Friday night and we battled through sleep deprivation to submission on Sunday afternoon. Our game is titled "Chromony", it's a cryptic puzzle game in 3D and it's available here

Cricket Shipped, I got cake.

The leading SKUs for Don Bradman Cricket 2014 have finally hit stores.

It's always great to see and hear about real people enjoying the game. A fan of the game sent a cake to the studio which I thought was an awesome gesture. Usually the first thing you hear about at launch is all the bugs and problems people are having but not this time!